Monday, July 28, 2008

differences pleasure & love


Finding a place in the world is not always simple. We are violent and strange about expressing our feelings. In order for this to go away we must learn to find interest in people of all kinds. Seeing these differences as beautiful rather than strange or scary.

Femi's Pleasure:

the only time she comes is all alone. What kind of twisted female existence must we live? Femi all alone can bring herself pleasure over and over if necessary. It's not unnecessary either. Finding out about herself, Femi can know what to ask for when she gets the courage. All this conversation has her distracted from the goal.... but sometimes its better to draw it out...

Love Me:

The love me tattoo on her chest is as bad as still having an ex boyfriends name on your body. We all deserve to be loved.. but to have to ask so blatantly shows that she was neglected and society will continue to do so.

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