Friday, August 29, 2008

The Artists Insides 7x9"

some ghosts are old and some recent. I'd rather not say Demons from the past, I think ghosts sounds more translucent. Recent: I smashed my ankle in may and have spent the whole summer indoors in casts, boot casts, splints, crutches, and plastic bag showers. You hear so much about pain pill addictions these days that I was obsessively worried about having to take them. I would take 3 day breaks to clear my head and body, but go through the pain and accomplish nothing those days. Now The ankle is just about better, so I marked the experience in this overall experience piece. The art is intended to represent the past and present for me. This may not or may be apparent to the viewer, but sometimes we got to do something for ourselves. In this case I thought I should share.

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